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PC version of Mirage. Supports Gamepad and Rumble (rumble only supported with 360 Controllers).

Mirage PC
RagnarokX - - 104 comments

Perhaps adding a small video preview of the game would be good.

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Grupp#1 Author
Grupp#1 - - 7 comments

You're right about that RagnarokX. Unfortunately I lost our old video preview so one of the team members is in the process of editing a new one. We'll upload it as soon as it is done!

Thank you for commenting!

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Android-Music - - 3 comments

Camera is sloppy a bit. Otherwise excellent!!! :)

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JohnnyMaverik - - 469 comments

Yea the concept is gorgeous and I actually quite enjoyed playing this. My only major complaint is with the camera which is really choppy and hard to manage with both 360 and mouse & keyboard controls. Three fairly minor complaints were that the camera clipped through objects sometimes which is extremely minor and didn't really bother me, and the final boss confused me, I kept targeting and shooting it's head and it wouldn't die, then I worked out I could shoot the hands so I thought I'd have to blow them off first, shot him 5 times (3 times in one hand, 2 times in another on the same side) and he went down completely, which I found very confusing. Finally re-spawning where you actually died would also be nice, rather than a little way back.

All in all though this looks extremely exiting, lovely maps, runs well, great concept, enjoyable gameplay camera issues aside and a great atmosphere (music was really fitting but not over-riding, just a nice compliment to the gameplay & vistas).

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Rekrul - - 3 comments

I really liked this. The graphics were beautiful and the gameplay was fun. It's too short though! I want a version of this with a couple dozen levels and different enemies to fight!

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