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-Fixed issue which made playing as a tribal ruler unviable -Added Holy Sites and names for all reformed pagans -Reformed pagan religion head titles should now function correctly (requires new save? ) -Reformed Mother of Water and Escudo Solar religions now have holy sites -Mother of Waters has new description from Carboná»´26 -Corrected Combat Tactics so that all tactics can be used instead of only Generic Skirmish and Pursue -Divine Cycle now has 5 Holy Sites -Disabled unused decisions -Mech purchasing decisions are now only visible if you are a Spacer or adjacent to a Spacer ruler -Mother of Waters Description now displays correctly -Holy Terra, Terraformed, and Altered religion heads are now landed at start -Added new loading and bookmark images -Enabled Space Elevator Wonder -Lowered Heavy Worlder health bonus -Added history files for many holy orders and mercenary companies -Adjusted holding counts in duchy capitals near Mount Olympus -Minor localization and religion updates

Middle Mars v1.01
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