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Update on 06/25/2018 V 0.1.2 Fixed some bugs. Some clues have been relocated. However some errors may occur. The spelling of the English translation may not be correct *In this version, the drawings that indicated the places of the items have been changed so that the player locates them faster. It has also been changed the distance in which the strange guy sees the player when he is in stealth mode and with the flashlight or cell light off. Solve the mysterious case of the murder of two children and the disappearance of Maria Bella. Look for clues and try not to be captured by the strange man who wanders the building. There are three different endings. Tip: Do not use the flashlight while the "strange man" is around you. Be stealthy to pass and do not come too close to him. In case you die inside the library, you can return to the save point that is in the entrance of the same one, clicking the button Load Game in the menu.

Maria Bella Chapter 1
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