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Lya (Lee-ah) Sato is a half Japanese, half European student, attending the prestigious Gozen Primary & Secondary School. A pretty boring place of education, save for the odd incident from time to time, such as students letting lose their pet ferret or fireworks being let off in the toilets. That is, until one fateful Friday afternoon, where the school becomes the scene of an horrific attack, one that will shock the core of the nation and the world. Lya, along with everyone else trapped inside what has now become a living nightmare, must seek to survive and find a way to escape the dangers lurking the school corridors, with some of them, not even being from this world... -Explore the corridors and classrooms of Gozen. Solve the puzzles and riddles that bar your path, as you move from corridor to corridor, room to room, world to world... -Work with other students and teachers as you see to discover the motive behind the attack on the school...if you're able to survive long enough

LYA (Demo)
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