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This is a reupload. I didn’t make this, whoever made it will be automatically credited. But it’s a nice custom story to play with clowns.

Laughing in the darkness
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bad story

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this is a really bad custom story, and this also happens to be my first custom story, I had finished replaying TDD yesterday, saw this custom story in a youtube video and thought it looked unique and was very disappointed, crappy story, multiple grammar mistakes, and very glitchy, i got softlocked once and fell out of the map once, not worth playing imo :/

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Jeez... Ten years have passed and still it's amazing custom story. I don't understand users who's criticizing the story, because "Uhh... The crappy story and dumb stuff". First - its super old custom story and second; what you expect the mod which comes from somewhere 2010 - 2012 xd

It's not unique, but gives me nostalgic. Even Pewdiepie himself made the playthrough this mod! Soo yeah - we're talking about the ancient mod.

So review: It's simple... Custom story about the clowns. I mean ofc there will be people who's are afraid of clowns - it's Coulrophobia. So there gonna be - funny half scary rooms and clowns (Again).
I tell you the biggest plus from this mod is... The rooms and locations - damn this creator of mod is making the great job about atmosphere. That's why the mod is unique, because design. Lighting, colourful hues and water. A lot of water - but in the floor ofc. Sooo I like the designs! And for models from some games. Sounds? Noises? Yes! There are a lot great sounds who's giving you vibe circus! - Laugh! Happy songs and others! So you don't gonna be disappointed! I promise.
Enemies? I mean what I can tell you? Clown? Ofc the fricking fat clown will trying kills us! Nothing special, but have own model.
Puzzles? Sadly you don't gonna have super - double - Einstein's puzzles. Nope, just normal walking and checking cool rooms, but its no't big issue.
Grammar mistakes? What I gonna say? Yes, happens. I mean again dude - this mod is coming from 2010 - 2012 and second you think the creator is from the United Kingdom or United States? I think the creator comes from west? Like Russia or Czech? Sadly we don't gonna know.
Glitchs? I mean if you going to try so hard find the glitchs - sure, you can find a lot (Again old mod). But... for my playthrough I didn't saw any of glitchs if you include the plates who's flying chaotic by the water and... the one wall which have small gap. Its only happens in the last location.

Rating? 7.5/10 - Still isn't unique and ofc have problems, but you know what is saving this mod? The designs and atmosphere. The creator of this mod made the most amazing job - I love it so much.
Also... giving nostalgic vibe and remembering my old times. Jeez, I feel old, hah xd

But... If even the creator of this mod reads this. I want thanks you for this mod and for making my childhood better. Thank you. <3

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Wehyu - - 30 comments

the creator is skashi, and he is from Germany. To be honest, many of Skashi's custom stories are lost. this was the first to be recovered, the others. Well, if you want to find the others, they are in another modDB page, called. project old. there you will find, both its sequel and the last part

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