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This is a mod that aims to add all the LARP groups from Balkan into the game :) So far I have added many banners, there is NO OVERWRITING, these banners are completely new and standalone unlike all of the other banners modes for M&B Warband, also I have taken measures so that the NPC will never be able to select one of the custom banners :) There is many more things to do in this mode, such as create new factions and custom quest and recreate the world, but it will take time. For now the game is completely playable and enjoyable and I hope you will like it! ^^ This mod includes: Virake's Male and Female Face Replacer Compilation For better faces I DO NOT GIVE MY PERMISSION TO ANYONE TO ALTER THIS MOD, UPLOAD IT ANYWHERE ELSE OR DO ANYTHING ELSE WITHOUT ASKING FOR MY PERMISSION FIRST!!! PS: If you would like me to do a similar mode for you, I would be happy to do it for a small fee, because keep in mind I have my own projects and work and if you want a request I need to charge. :)

LARP World
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