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This mod works only for 3.03 as I didn't figure out how to make it work for 3.04. I changed a lot, basically I added Brittany and Corsica, I removed some eastern European ficitional countries (Kaiserlich xyz) and replaced them with more accurate countries. Germany is still OP but not as much as before. Custom events for Austria and Ottoman Empire are done, as well as some crisis wars within the Central Powers. Germany has few custom decisions, as well as Bulgaria. UK and France have more unique flavour and a realistic decay of their nation; colonies become forcefully self-governing and as mainland UK/France you have to choose, whether you want to focus on taking back your colonies or take revenge on the Central Powers. Further events and decisions are planned, as well as more flavour for after WW2 period. North America might also change in the future, where instead of a powerful USA, Mexican Empire might take its place, with an independent CSA.

Kaiserreich reloaded

Great job glad to see this mod is being revived

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AlthistoryLuxembourg Author

i updated it again. check the version 2 please

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I have and I love it the only reason I haven't commented on it on here is that I have on this version already

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