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Version 1.2 of Island Hopping introduces a number of bug fixes, adjustments, and new features over the original Ludum Dare release (original version still available on the Ludum Dare site). This Edition installs onto ones computer. *NOTE: for settings and scores to save/work on Windows Vista and 7, the game must be run as an administrator* Changes and Additions from version 1.2: - Difficulty levels adjusted. - Distance reward points adjusted. - OGRE screen removed. - Jumping is now mapped to most keyboard keys as well as the left and right mouse buttons as opposed to just the space bar. - High Scores (both Online and Local) added. - Double jumping added on Easy and Medium difficulties. - Options menu, with some new option choices. - New post-game screen. - News ticker. - "No Island Spawn" glitch fixed.

Island Hopping Version 1.2: Installer Edition
EmotionalRobot - - 427 comments

Love the simplicity
Game is highly addictive...
I thrive on old school games like Tempest and I love modern FPS.
This effort combines them both... its got speed and precision skill...
Its a throwback worthy of today's standards.
Don't dismiss simple for boring... this game has a lot of potential.
Its got my wheels turning... oh the possibilities.
Great fun


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jeetkunedo - - 2 comments

This game is so much fun ,i hope you will make more feautures in it !
Please don't abbandon this !

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