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Updates 1.7.2. This version fixes small previous errors and stably works on Warband 1174. Please report problems by attaching a screenshot.

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is this a patch?

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isklgang - - 9 comments

Yes, this is a patch, throw with the replacement of files or as a new version)

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shadowevader - - 27 comments

nice waiting for future updates

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Hey, first of all I have to say that the work you put in to bring in new things is appreciated and really great! However, I have a question. I am looking at Khergit Khanate troops trees and I found out that a Khergit skirmisher has 170 archery proficiency while both horse and veteran horse archers have 0, while being one and two levels above skirmisher respectively. Is there a 'catch' that I don't understand or is it a mistake? I have not yet played, I am at the very beginning of this mod and only looking around and checking new things so I wanted to ask to make sure I'm not missing anything.

P.S. My first impression on this whole custom troops tree was amazing. I am excited to get it going. Nice work.

P.S.S. I have found tutorial how to edit troops in troops.txt file so I will fix khergit horse/veteran horse archer problem by myself.

I have another problem, however: when I own a kingdom, the maximum proficiency of ANY weapon for LEVEL 7 troop is 144, regardless of the strenght/agility/weapon master skills I set. I just can't seem to set it over 144 while, in comparison, some other troops like Huscarls have over 250 or so. That is going to be a problem when making own troops for owned kingdom. Any ideas?

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