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As I was in a hurry to post the engine I forgot to upload the engine's base...so here it is...My Apologies

Irrlicht Engine
superchopper09 - - 14 comments

what is the limitations of this engine? is it already made into a game? or can you make it so you have your game? basically what i want to know is can you make this a strategy game? where you can command certain entities to create a game. what i'm looking for is a free kit that you can create your own game. so far with 18 months of searching i have found zip.(that is free. there is allot of nice programs that will rip a hole in your checkbook.)

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FPSGamer Author
FPSGamer - - 195 comments

the engine can be used to create your own games,the screenshot is from an online rpg game made into this engine...and yes,you can create any type of games if you know how to build it(if you want an RTS,Adventure,FPS,RPG etc.)

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roodtooder - - 2 comments

ok i have it downloaded finally. now how do you open it?

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1PlayerD - - 31 comments

This looks kick ***,no lie im going to try,luckly im experienced in game making

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danielcalvin - - 4 comments

i have download irrlicht engine. but i don't know to use it
can someone help me

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