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THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL PATCH! I made this because I and so many others have problems to run the official version. This fixes the missing helm_tyrk_b_specular.dds and helm_tyrk_c_normalmap.dds crashes. To install it just drop the textures folder into your module. Please let me know if you have any other issues reguarding missing dds errors. I hold no copyright for the uploaded mod and I will take it down should I be asked to do so by the creators.

Inofficial siege crash fix for 1.6

this game is very good, but I can not create own county.please give me a neutral armor and costumized army. I refuse to be crusader or jihadist LOLO

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leon1234421426355149 Author

I am not the official dev of the mod, and from what I know its not possible to create your own nation because of bugs. But you can still join any non crusader nation like the eastern roman empire.

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