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Mellow Chill music meets a man's epic decision and survival. Two completely different music types and life scenarios melding together to form an interesting meld of sound and emotion. This is the theme for Kevin in the HL2 mod Dire. One could say he has the mindset of a modern day samurai (4:20). Enjoy. Comments welcome. (LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES FOR BEST EXPERIENCE)

I Will Survive
advan388 - - 9 comments

I cant wait to download it to see wat its really like.

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ThoughTMusic Author
ThoughTMusic - - 265 comments

This song or the Dire Mod?

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samGwise - - 65 comments

I think this is your best yet
has a nice ambiance to it and I enjoyed hearing the differnt themes appearing at different places,
it blended together very well.
you might want to have a look at your levels going into the compressor that I'm assuming is on the master channel, there are a few points where it was dampening quite noticeably, the meters on my console were near full pretty much entire time so it might be fine to take things back a bit to try and add some more dynamic...just my opinion though...I do know some people who like that sound...
Keep up the great work...I need to get my act together and finish some pieces....

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ThoughTMusic Author
ThoughTMusic - - 265 comments

Thanks for the comment it's very appreciated! Yeah I hear you with finishing the pieces. I usually make things over a stretch of days but this one I started Sunday morning and finished it that night. First free day in a long time where I could just work on a song throughout the day. Judging how it came out I would'nt mind another day like that ^_^.

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