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Windows installer for the Beta demo of Hyphen. The installer also installs the XNA 4.0 and DirectX 9 Runtimes if required. Just launch Hyphen Demo.msi after it is downloaded and the installer will take care of the rest. Please contact us with any issues or feedback as this is the first time Hyphen has been out in the wild and it would be a massive help to us! Thanks and enjoy

Hyphen Beta Demo

Not compatible with my computer, it displays an error message (I forgot to take a screenshot before uninstall because I thought it could be a kind of virus)
maybe because my laptop doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. But still I want to have this god damn game as soon as it gets released. I already voted on steam. :D

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FarspaceStudios Author

Hi There,

First off thanks for voting us up on Greenlight - much appreciated.

If you try the game again, send us a screenshot of the error message and we'll see if it's anything that we can fix. Which integrated graphics do you have? We've tested on an Intel HD3000 and it works at lower resolutions etc so it's not necessarily just because your graphics is integrated.

Hope to hear back from you soon :D

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