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Enjoy everyone. This little mod will make you feel scared, and then make you laugh. Just play it, you'll understand it.

Haunted Hallways 4
Amnelias - - 128 comments

Hm. Boring.

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finalj - - 24 comments

hey why is it boring for he made these for people who can handle fear or any jump scares i think his games are good and heck i even prank my friends on here but i have no recording though but still his stories are awesome to play

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Robert_Nemet Author
Robert_Nemet - - 263 comments

To Custom1 > Did you play with brightness on full and volume set to 1%, hell, maybe 0%? If yes, such an outcome is always at my doorstep.

To finalj > The feedback's appreciated as always. While I mostly rushed this one (personal problems), it still instilled fear into people playing this in the proper environment. Headphones, dark room, 100% volume. Those are the perfect requirements a horror game needs.

I also mostly focused on the sounds, which made it look awkward. The sounds (which is just one big file, almost 4 minutes long) took me about 3 hours to successfully compile, constantly editing it, and trying to make it perfect. The map was mostly done anyway, so I wanted some way to scare the player, and then make them laugh. That is where [spoiler removed] comes in.

Again, it is nice that you enjoyed it. I'll try to make something different, but after I finish some personal research.

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crunchybaconstrips - - 8 comments

Hey Nemet,

Here's my play-through if haunted hallways 4.

Seriously bro, you're making me hate dogs. LOL.


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Mr24Gaming - - 1 comments

Watch my haunted hallway 3/4 on my channel

Here is the link: Youtube.com

Your scaring the **** out of me but is really good made :)

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