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It's the day before christmas, and you're having a nice cup of tea next to your christmas tree. What could be better? Then suddenly, someone knocks on your door. Who could it be this late? Prepare yourself for a little different Amnesia adventure!

Gary - Snowy Secrets [Version 1.0]
Quotentote - - 56 comments

omg this is one of the most entertaining maps ive ever played. i laughed so hard, its just hilarious :D i almost cried if i saw the maincharakter wiggle around to the music xDDDD so goddamn great!

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acranoom - - 5 comments

Srsly, best story i've ever played!xD srsly all the voiceacting, effects, music! Just great :D i'd love to play more from u! :)

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cakeman1and2 - - 19 comments

i love this ! its the best!

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