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The December 13th Show with calimer solo and a runtime of 27 minutes. Platinum Arts has now created an Internet Radio Show called Premium Indie Entertainment, or simply PIE Radio. Our goal is provide current game news, reviews, tech news, game movie news and also keep you up to date on our own indie projects. The current hosts include Michael "calimer" Tomaino, creator of multiple award winning Doom 3 Coop Mod Last Man Standing, Achtung a gamer from Peru and Kaelee, a gamer from Australia. The effort is to get a global perspective on the topics covered. For a full show outline and links to topics mentioned please check our forums. Please also feel free to offer feedback, suggestions, etc in our forum. Also anyone interested in joining the show please let us know :) Check out the show and other Coop Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing related media clips in the Premium Indie Entertainment Radio section. As a note it is called a test show simply because we are still working out a few kinks.

FREE PIE - Premium Indie Entertainment Test Show 4
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