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2D platform runner. Play as Fred the killer unicorn as he smashes his way through his enemies. Now available on Android!

Fred the killer unicorn
panade - - 1 comments

For a Short Time its funny, but it gets a bit weird after some time. I muss Music and i dont realy understand why is there a Finish line.
Also a bit weird in my eyes is, i am a Killer Unichorn and have to avoid kills in one Task?

Sometimes the Tasks were buggy. For example it said "kill 3 People" but there were only 2 until the Finish Line.

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laffertyr Author
laffertyr - - 6 comments

First of all, thank you for playing and leaving feedback. The game is a WIP.
-I will add in music, any suggestions?
-I added the finish line to limit the size of each level. Myabe I should make it a requirement to complete the task and cross the finish line?
-I added in the task of avoiding kills in order to vary the game play. I could take it out if it seems strange.
-I have fixed the "kill 3 people bug.

Thanks again!

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laffertyr Author
laffertyr - - 6 comments

Now available on Android!

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