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I'm your host Kat, and this is Find Love or Die Trying! It's the premiere of our new dating show, where ending up single... means ending up dead! You've got 7 days to get one of the lovely ladies on your tropical island getaway to fall in love with you. If she's willing to put a ring on it, you're both free to leave. If not... well, it's in the name of the show! You'll get the chance to meet: - Allie, the daredevil athlete with a rebellious streak - Scarlett, the charming scientist with a penchant for destruction - Violet, the cold-as-ice scion of a mysterious MegaCorp - Terra, the eccentric gamer who marches to her own drum - Yui, the childhood sweetheart with a smile that could melt ice ...And last, but definitely not least, me! Kat! The impossibly perfect and painfully gorgeous host and producer. Did I forget to mention generous? I can't wait to film our first episode together! Features: - 4 hours long - 7 Endings - Male/Female/Non-binary protagonist

Find Love or Die Trying
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