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Direct quote from Steam workshop Changelog/Change Notes: Update: Jan 8 @ 1:09am Added a small event that has a chance to trigger every year if a character with Uchiha Blood is seriously injured. Fixed Uchiha Training event from triggering both Serious injury and continuation event. *Now they'll be one or the other instead forcefully both.* Finished three traits. Three different Three Tomoe Sharingan. (Not implemented yet outside of adding it with console, going to focus on events next to progress the sharingan) The three different Sharingan are to differentiate the quality of your eyes, each with their own aspects and unique traits that will transfer over to when or if they become mangekyo. As well as when "stealing" someones eyes in the future and adding an eye item to treasury to implant them.") I'll be focusing on events next both to progress the advancement of the eyes and to add more random events that'll give the mod more flavor and life.

Evolving Sharingan 0.2 Update
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