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This is still in progress, there's very few traits currently as well as events and decisions. Much more will be added soon enough. Currently accessible without console is the "Uchiha Blood" trait that unlocks the ability to awaken the One Tomoe Sharingan though an intrigue event. There isn't much content currently in this version but i'm planning on finishing the rest of the base 1-3 Tomoe Sharingan as well as much more events to give the mod more flavor rather than it simply being only an inheritable trait. I'm also planning on in the future adding on the Mangeky┼Ź and special abilities it may give, the ability to steal others eyes and implant them and "Treasury Eye items" A more in depth explanation is on the mods steam workshop community page due to character limits I can not post what is WIP and not here.

Evolving Sharingan
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