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During the End is a post-apocalyptic mod for Crusader Kings II which imagines the centuries immediately after a nuclear war has devastated the world. After hiding out in your bunker, you and your compatriots will emerge into a scorched land to establish yourselves and your progeny as the rightful rulers of the land - be it as the inheritors of the legacy of the pre-war world or the trailblazers building a new civilization from scratch. During the End is a sub-mod of After the End and therefore requires it to function.

During The End
renan_fo - - 3 comments

Hey man! This is the most recent version of the mod and, if it is, it's compatible with the game last version ( Thanks in advance and thanks for continuing the mod, it's a great mod!

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Guest - - 695,457 comments

when i start the mod it puts me in europe with medieval nations

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