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Hey im new to this group so would appreciate feedback, heres something i made that sounds a lil hl2 digitalesque with a lil bit of perfect dark thrown in

Digital FireFight
Lucífer - - 3,393 comments

It is very Half-Life 2, it's actually very easily to imagine using it in one of those HL2 moments, nice concept. ^^
Everything is put together very nicely, congrats, Nice first. ^^

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MtM0201 - - 206 comments

Nah, not really HL2, but more of an HL1 song. I did like it, but I think you could make the bass a little wilder than that. and just like what madkill said, nice start :)

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samGwise - - 65 comments

I certainly could see it in a HL1 moment, though I find it a bit of a stretch to say that it sounds like the music from half life. Try to use longer phrases I think and you might be closer then. but my musings aside you've certainly made a great track for your first with some nice selection of sounds. Keep it up. ;)

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AniCator - - 178 comments

HL1, yes. HL2, no. :P
Nice track but it's not a very strong track.

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