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This is a Demo Collection I put together with an array of songs I have made or am working on at the moment. Just giving an idea of the different stuff I do. I'll outline it to make it easier...just hit the read more button to see:

Demo Collection
ThoughTMusic Author
ThoughTMusic - - 265 comments

thoughts anyone? comments are very welcome, if not sought. :)

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Lucífer - - 3,393 comments

Are you trying to recreate something from War of the Servers? :P

Its still good by the way, its not my kind of thing but still very good. Be useful soundtrack to have on TimeSplitters. :D

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samGwise - - 65 comments

I liked the end more...particular as it moved away from the more techno influenced tracks...its also not my kind of thing :).
It became allot more interesting as you stopped repeating as much.
I'd encourage you to try and keep heading in that direction.
keep up the good work!

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ThoughTMusic Author
ThoughTMusic - - 265 comments

I'm agreeing with you on this one. May seem hard to believe with what I've shown so far but my speciality is actually strings. What I have shared so far is actually what I've made in the last month or so. I bought the stryus plugin and went to town haha. I've been addicted. Up until then it's been all orchestra and strings. I'm going to try to upload a song tonight that will show a bit of that. The last few songs of the demo were Pre-stryus download haha. Yeah I love strings. Beats and such are actually my downfall but I need to be good at it with the rise of all these shooters now adays. Toss me an RPG and I will make you a 2 CD soundtrack. Based off this you guys will like my next upload. I need an opinion on it anyway which would be appreciated.

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