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Story My Name's Samuel B. Born and I'm a soldier in the Army. I've wanted to follow my regular workday, but something unexpected happened suddenly... There's been a loud explosion, coming out of nowhere, which robbed us our hearing and all I can remember is that I fell on the ground... When I got back on my legs, I couldn't believe what I saw... It was a complete desaster - Blood was spread through the corridors, and I haven't heard anything that indicated any survivor... and it's been so damned silent... I was alone... and it was my part to escape this chaos and find out, what happened in this station...

crazyseb13 - - 3 comments

The download is .36 MB? that seems a little fishy to me....

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grouchbag - - 590 comments

Yup.It does seem fishy. But are there any cheat codes for decay? Hope some one answers this!

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