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Dragon Ball 0.699patch Patch (covering 0.68demo directly, ignoring other patches in the middle) 1. Six new scenes are added: Shalu Game/Guixianwu Island/Artificial Man (16/17/18) Birth Lab/Mechanical Fliesa Earth Landing Point/Northern Boundary Wangxing/Glacier. Some maps are wrong and will be adjusted later. 2. The new scene map icons are updated synchronously to reduce the number of wild soldiers (the role is only to embellish the map and watch the big map icons of different characters for the time being) 3. Now teleportation will not go through walls, and it has displacement correction as normal movement, that is, when encountering obstacles, it has additional displacement correction to break away from the obstacle surface along the obstacles in other directions. When the highest point of obstacles is closer to the teleportation end point of the player below, the player will teleport directly to this high point. 4. Corrected the problem that the initial point was locked when the fly

dbz v0.6996patch(need v0.68 demo, needn‘t’ other patchs)
killyouready Author

new file alternate this.original update is 0.6992,then alternate as 0.6992 and now is 0.6994

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