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Cybel is a frantic top-down shooter set in a unique occult science-fiction universe. You play as Cybel, a girl who will climb the floors of a heavily defended industrial tower to find revenge. To be up to the task, Cybel will find supernatural powers in a pact with 3 mysterious witches. The pact is simple : in exchange for immense powers, Cybel have to destroy the tower and kill everything in it. Her memories of the pact are vague but her thirst for revenge is crystal clear. Quenching her burning desire for vengeance is her one and only goal. KILL THEM!.. KILL THEM ALL!.. DESTROY THE TOWER! For now you can play a demo of the first part and get the help of The Crone, the time controling witch who give you the power to rewind time.

Cybel Demo Win V1.01
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