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Crysis 2 was the first CryENGINE 3 title to simultaneously ship on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and not only did all versions pass on the first submission, it was also named the best looking game on console by CVG. Download the detailed overview over the Key Rendering Features right here!

Crysis 2 & CryEngine 3 Key Rendering Features
Ice_Man_120 - - 134 comments

very nice. The PDF is brilliant showing how much work they have actually put into it to make it very realistic. Well Done :)

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gtkall - - 79 comments

Great light effects and shadows O_O

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comicsserg - - 71 comments

looks very realistic

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Joe_Shmoe - - 304 comments

It does look good, although I disagree with the statement of best looking game on console... I had baught a 42" full HD TV after I got Crysis 2, and to be honest it really doesnt look that good, I found Bulletstorm to look better than Crysis 2, and a whole bunch of mates to agree... I think the PC version may be beter though.

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acedrimmer - - 1 comments

May have missed it, but had a quick read and didn't see anything in that doc about view optimization. I remember an old thread on InCrysis which stated that there were no occluders in Crysis 2? It never got properly answered.

Sounds like it would have been a nice performance boost if it were in. Wondered if this was done due to console hardware issues/no performance gain... or was just usual Internet lies.

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architectts - - 790 comments

So are we going to be able to also play these on our PS3s and 360s? Remember this engine features real-time across all platforms? Someone pleez answer.

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hogsy - - 619 comments

I highly doubt it.

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DanielleEber - - 11 comments

The CryEngine 3 development happens on a Windows PC mainly, but you can have a PS3 and Xbox plugged in during development to see how things work in real time. When you are done developing, you can compile final versions of the game and levels for any or all of the 3 platforms. The final versions only work on one platform each, since the processors, OS, and graphics hardware are different on each.

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