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Just replace the Resource folder of the mod with this one. You don't need the Hotfix if you've downloaded the full version after March 25th.

CHiS 1.9.1 hotfix

in 1.9.1 steppe nomads have this strange glitch, where their new hats (the Nogai caps) repeatedly flicker/disappear for a few milliseconds (especially as they're firing arrows at you). You can kind of see it in this screenshot, where the guy's hat is half disappeared: I.imgur.com
(edit: never mind, I've seen this happen to a few different NPC types with different headgear (brigands and villagers), this is definitely not exclusive to the steppe bandits or the nogai caps. I'm curious if this is the problem of the mod or if my computer is just messing up)

There's also some kind of visual glitch with the Tatar cap: I.imgur.com

There's a visual glitch where parts of the wall flicker on the Kerch scene (the one facing the sea with the entrance, both sides): I.imgur.com

There was a script error when I built a fortification through the camp menu: I.imgur.com

Lastly, Haim Zeldovich has a spelling mistake where he says "had" instead of "head".

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what do you mean march 25th lol we aint there yet sir.

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I found some minor problems that won't bother gaming experience,but a little bit strange.
1.Lord's fief are automatically construct improvements,but i have no money stored in treasury and i didn't gave any order to do so,besides,there might occurs weird message about one of your fiefs,like; the building of Drohobych in Alma-Talak has been completed...

2.In village might occur more than one gold mine,but it willnot increase the income,and iron mine is not provide revenue.Those mine were also self constructed...

3.Villages are stop providing any product once you buy all out.

4.Some troopers are equipped with more than one same saber/sword,especially like German heavy lancer, Nuker. In battlefield i saw that one of my nukers is holding one Pulwar in his hand and hang the other one on his waist.

Like i said, these are just minor little problems that will not effect the successes of this wonderful mod. Honour&Glory; show me the more greater,more impressive world than Fire&sword;. I would say this is the best 16th century eastern Europe mod ever,this mod include great details(adding firing effect will be better), fine musics and more. Thanks again for the wonderful work!

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