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This is my story. At a very young age i was often sent to my room by my father. First i didn't know what he was up to but by the time i got older his "work" started to come more and more clear to me. More time past by and my father became more like a lunatic. This didn't worry me that much although it worried someone else. My mother. This time he "worked" everything was different. He didn't unlock the door to my room and here i am still sitting by my table. Waiting for him to unlock it. I have a bad feeling and i think that something has went bad. Really bad. I have to get out!

Childhood Insanity 1.01
Amnelias - - 128 comments

Is this new custom story or same but fixed veresion?

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oscar1007 Author
oscar1007 - - 8 comments

This is the same custom story that is fixed.

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acranoom - - 5 comments

crazy good! :D

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gamesandstuffs - - 2 comments

Hmm, so strange... so this custom story is just loads of other ones mixed in one? Also, I seem to be crashing all the time when I try to exit a doorway. If you want it as a bug report, it will be on my YouTube channel in the next 24 hours. (gamesandstuffs)

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turbowin - - 1 comments

How long is this map?

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Langz0r - - 5 comments

No key in starting bedroom but u gave a good start scare

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dud2424 - - 3 comments

Its on top of the bed

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Nedved65 - - 2 comments

think i'll try it today in my stream :)

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