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chapter 1 please let us know if there are any issues and give us any feedback because it is greatly appreciated.

chapter 1  version 1.1 PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK
HumiliatioN - - 143 comments

Holy ****! This was awesome Chapter! Nothing here to complain. Scary as hell!

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simblarosh Author
simblarosh - - 26 comments

glad to hear you enjoyed it!!

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Firespray31 - - 114 comments

Finally, at least the first chapter! :)

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wiredman11 - - 1 comments

I'm having trouble combining the copper rod and the hollow needle. I tried starting a new game but had the same issue. Any suggestions?

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simblarosh Author
simblarosh - - 26 comments

umm first one like this im not sure bro... It seemed to work fine on others games.Send me an email with you Map_2 script file attached and ill look at it but for now just try redownloading the mod off of the web and paste the new folders in the custom stories folder your save game should still work....

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n1ght1 - - 10 comments

same problem here :/ I'm stuck at that door where i get that copper tube :/
But so far it was very awesome :D totally creeped me out :X

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EmptyTankard - - 1 comments

A-W-E-S-O-M-E !

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AmadooO - - 21 comments

yeah it doesnt work ;/

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GamerBob94 - - 90 comments

Downloading now, this has got some good reviews, hoping it's as good as they say (; It's just finished as I was typing lol. Brb.
-after playing
Holy ****. I got to the 'To Dinning and (something but I forgot)' room, very very VERY good so far :)
I get the feeling you aren't English? ;) If you would like some help translating (maybe voice acting, too :D Would be happy to help), just contact me via PM on here :) Again, brilliant mod so far, hope to see more in the future.

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123popsi - - 1 comments

im going to play this tonight

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x7aylor - - 8 comments

Great work, more than a few steps above the rest.
My only note: don't try to cram too many little scares into a small amount of time. It's a bit like if instead of escalating, the Blair Witch (Blair Witch Project)had just been mildly annoying for a few weeks.
to sum up my points - with scares less is more, so don't be predictable or let people get desensitized

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MKaftan - - 3 comments

I'm downloading it now, will start to play in a min. I'm so excited. SS's are awesome!

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Daniel6432 - - 8 comments

Очень классная кастомная история

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