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BuildGDX v1.13 (25.06.2020) BuildGDX: Music looping support added Incorrect voxels offsets in software fixed BloodGDX: Numerous animations fixes WangGDX: Darts option Disable Hornets option Infinite ammo cheat (swinfinityammo) EvilBunny attack animation fix (original bug) TiltLeft/Right feature Jetpack cheat feature Show opponent weapon feature Underwater changepalette freeze fixed DukeGDX: Dukematch (nospawn) mode friendly fire fixed TekwarGDX: Cops won't attack you if you visited men's toilet on SUBWAY0 Palette fade in software renderer fixed WitchavenGDX: Enemies' pickaxes and halberds can now be picked Dynamic music for WH2 Enchanted weapons sound loop fixed Numerous maps fixes Custom campaigns support

BuildGDX v1.13
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