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Added: You can zoom with the scroll wheel.Added: More music and replaced some sound effectsFixed: Back button got disconnected in the get levels menu.Fixed: Restarting a level didn't reset the play time.Fixed: Settings where overwritten by default values unless each settings tab was visited.Fixed: Shortened level transition fade time.Fixed: Some UI polish.Fixed: Pressing Esc now brings you back to the main menu from credits, settings and so on.Fixed: Pressing 'r' restarts the level.Fixed: Keyboard for selecting a button in the pause menu and level complete now works.Fixed: Clicking save now saves all changes made, not only the current tab.Fixed: Some UI polish. Fixed: Time is now pausing when the pause menu is open.Fixed: After closing the pause menu you can now continue playing without having to click the screen first.Fixed: Pressing Escape now toggles the pause menu.Fixed: You can now press and hold movement keys to move the player blocks.Fixed sfx bug when connecting to some blocks.

Boulders: Puzzle demo
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