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Blender Default Scene, Splitting/Joining/Extending Windows, 3D Editor Viewport Window, Blender For Laptops, Maneuvering About in 3D Space, Blender Controls, Modeling Modes - Viewport Shading, Blender Grid - Units - Scale, X Y and Z Axis, Primitive Mesh Objects, Selecting In Object Mode, Moving Objects, Rotating Objects, Scaling Objects. All credit for this set of video tutorials belongs to Neal Hirsig.

Blender 2.5.x Video Tutorials #1 by Neal Hirsig
wellzy - - 1 comments

Hi Guys, first post / comment. I downloaded these tuts (thanks for that) but see there is not really any order of the vids in the folders, does anyone know what the order is? Currently dont know where to start within a specific folder. thanks in advance,

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feillyne Author
feillyne - - 5,816 comments

Learning Units 1-5 Gryllus.net
Learning Units 6-10 Gryllus.net

And you're welcome, all credit goes to Neal Hirsig anyway.

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