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This is my first version of HD black-mesa mod (0.5)Heres what included so far! -most of the xen textures and props in hd -most xenians so far (houndeye, gargantua, tentacle, headcrab, bebcrab, gonarch, controller, bullsquid, jump pad, ichtyosaur, barnacle, vortigaunt) -zombies -humans -gman -items props such as ammo box -black mesa main props -bms and hl2 folder named called junk, same for the hl2 and bms pipes props -anomalous materials props -blast pit props -canteen props -construction props -desert props -equipement props -generic props -lab props -marines props -on a rail props -office complex props -power up props -questionable ethics props -every texture that is related to black mesa, the outside like rocks and cliff is included and also every rocks that are labelled as props in black mesa -surface tension props (new) -vehicles (new) -aprehension props (new) -interloper and village props (new) -inbound props (new) -industrial props (new) -lambda props (new) -residual props (new)

Black-Mesa HD beta 0.5 part 1
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Outdated, download v1.0 here:

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