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Go on an adventure with the our friend baldy! You need to defend off the aliens that have invaded your planet and you need to crawl through some dangerous places hot and cold to beat them and stop them from conquering the world.

Baldy's adventures
DarkBloodbane - - 76 comments

Looks good :)
Hmmmm... that cover image reminds me to One Punch Man

Anyways, I've given it a try and it starts easy and fun before getting hard

I noticed a bug with coin vs restart issue: If Baldy dies, last coin he gained will not be respawned
Speaking of coin, I suggest adding counter to show how many coins and keys Baldy has gained

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Flame152 Author
Flame152 - - 2 comments

Eyy you figured it out!
You're right because the cover art is inspired by the cover of One Punch Man.

Now the reason why the coin does not not respawn is because it's saved and i think that's a good decision so that for example there is a part of the level which is really hard and risky and let's say you die, after Baldy respawns you don't have to go back to that horrifying part and get those coins again.

About the counter i might add it who knows. I was thinking of adding it during the development and i either forgot from the rushing of the product or i lost interest in it's early stages of development.

Anyways thanks for this review i really appreciate for taking the time to play the game and also write this helpful review.

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