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April 13th version for the ATLA mod. You can also find the mod on Steam, Paradox, or our Discord (link below changelog)

Avatar Four Nations Restored v1.0
Dawnsbreaker - - 81 comments

The water tribes are pretty badly broken in that you can't call your vassals to war. Often the 'final months' trait for pregnant women will not be removed when they have their baby rendering them essentially incapable. Less important is the restore Chin's empire decision is broken. Even when I have all the territory and fulfill all requirements, rule the north and south and the east is gone it still says that no other succesor states can exist. Give myself the east, same problem. Destroy all three titles, same problem. Had to remove the code relating to this requirement altogether in the text file to get it to work.
On the bright side, it's a really fun mod.

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tsf4 Author
tsf4 - - 95 comments

In our new version, 1.1, we fixed the final months issue. the rest is being looked at, and hopefully we can fix it eventually. hope you can enjoy the new version!

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