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This file is for installing manually the mod if you have problems with the installer, If you have accidentally downloaded this I recommend to download the installer first and make your life easier.

Apolyton Pack 154 Manual Install (obsolete)
Natertader2004 - - 61 comments

Umm my computer thinks that this is a virus and that is should delete it,

This is what happens:
It goes into random foldiers and I dunno what it's even doing!?!
Plus it cancels out my internet when I install it,
Plus my anti-virus goes crazy about it,
And finally I can't get rid of the thing!!

PLS FIX THIS ;-; I know u spend a huge amount of time on this but pls... ;-;

- mainly the .exe file (Main game)

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KOYK_GR Author
KOYK_GR - - 593 comments

Well that's weird. I don't know whats the deal with your antivirus.

One other thing you can do is to create a shortcut of OpenRA.Game.exe and then right click on the shortcut hit properties and in the target box you should add this OpenRA.Game.exe" Game.Mod=tda then hit ok and run the shortcut.

An example: "C:\OpenRa\OpenRA.Game.exe" Game.Mod=tda

This will work 101%

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Natertader2004 - - 61 comments

1st I dunno if it is even my anti-virus
2nd, I will try to do that!


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KOYK_GR Author
KOYK_GR - - 593 comments

You are welcome

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