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This is basically the same mod but with better packaging. It comes with a bat file, a .grp file and a sprite folder. All you have to do to run the mod is to click the bat file. This should let you play other mods without having to uninstall them as well.

AngerManagement - GRP Package
dwtietz - - 4 comments

An alternate method for launching this mod, aside from the included batch file, is to use the following command line parameter:

-g AngerManagement.grp

This can be done directly within Steam, or from a command prompt/console window in Windows or Linux.

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plazma82 - - 71 comments

yea its very good mod that add some new features thank you!!could you make it just one button to switch the shotgun grenade ammo? Maby just even if it has to cycle through all 3 ammo types

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Cataflexia - - 70 comments

thnks man for updating this mod for the lastet version of ion fury, its a great work. i want to know if there is a way to contribute you in some way? patreon for example?

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ShuTheWeak - - 1 comments

Hello, just tried it, I put the file in my steam location then double ckick on bat, it worked. BUT once I picked up the shotgun, I wasn't able to fire or alt fire (turn it in grenade launcher) The shotgun seems freezed.

I'd like to say that I appreciate the effort! I think I prefer also count how much bullets I'v fired, I don't like the feature of knowing exactly how much bullets stays in my revolver, I think its a bit of a cheat :p Is it possible to unactive?

The thing I wanted the most is replace the crosshair for a dot lol, keep up the good work!

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