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Start the great adventure of the turtle ancestor, now you can start to explore the more insane mazes, and begin to know all the history of this world, and his secrets Objectives: Find a way to get out of the labyrinths there is several ways for complete each labyrinth 1.- Find the exit. 2.- Find all golden eggs 3.- Buy the exit in the market (not avaliable in demo) Controls: "UP" = Walk "Left" = Turn left "Right"= Turn right "Down" = Walking backwards "E" = Sprint you can also use the mouse for direction, and the "w" and "S" keys for walk (front-backward). Minimun Requirements: Windows XP service pack 3 pentium p6200 2.13 Ghz. 2 Gb Ram Integrated video card IntelHD Important. If you install the game in "program files" default folder or if game menus doesn´t work properly run the game as administrator.

Ancestor´s Chronicles Demo
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