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This version have old plot to kill and revoke title plot intrigue together with Ck2Plus plots and special plot to kill with possiblity to assassinate your kids too. Have your ever play Ck2Plus, HIP or other big, total conversion mod who have possility to Kidnap your vassal or other king, fabrice evidence of treason etc? Me2 and i really missed this functions on vanilla, so i make this little unprofessional edit xD Advanced Plotter mod(Working standalone plots from Ck2Plus based on Plot assassinate your kids, don't ask why xD) Kidnapping, Fabricating Treasons, Fabricating Heresies, Revenges Kills, Embezzle your liege money, etc etc... All credits for "Death By Gunboat" who make "Plot Assassinate your kids" and greats for Ck2Plus modders, feel free to test&modify; this to improve. English is not my native language and i'm begginer on modding ;p

Advanced Plotter Mod(With old plots kill&revoke; together)
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