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Update: This demo is outdated and based on abandoned code. Only left for sentimental purposes. This is a demo build of Abstract. There is a fully functioning menu, and two primarily functioning levels (glitches will be fixed in subsequent updates). Controls: Arrow keys to move Mouse to aim Left Mouse Button to fire ...not much else to say, really...

Abstract Original Demo Demo
The_splat - - 136 comments

Really nice concept of drawings and such.
Now if only the game mechanics worked as well.
Pretty much feel one shouldnt be able to shoot through walls.
Despite this the games very pretty with very cool imageing and a great imagination from the maker.
Sound would lift this game alot.. and there are a few decent and free music and sound files around now.
Really cool images and backgrounds though.. the whole black and white is stunningly simple yet breaks a cycle of the color Pre-Requisite Cliche.
Stuff to consider for future game..
Sound - you can get a good amount free straight from web or get an old program such as Klick and play.. good basic effects library there.
Music - Anythings better then nothing.
Restart game - when I die... i should have option to restart game without closing/reloading it.
Shooting through objects.. the motherships should have a destroy bullet code.
animating - A mild stretch or shake of the ship allows one to know you have taken damage.
Backgroud interaction , or maybe crazy style gravity that kind of moves you one way.. then another ..then another as you progress through the level.
Well thats about all i can say and perhaps I have given less appropriate critique given the hard work and effort you have already put into this project.
However This game is very playable and fun for all age groups.

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