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short game but whatever who cares!? this is the first game i ever made with the RPG maker VX

A world of shit full game

I just gotta comment on this... This is not an appropriate name and if you still own XP, use the RPG Maker XP as it creates a better 3d environment for the player and NPC's to wander around in. You can actually walk behind buildings and on the ceilings, I actually developed some scripts for the game maker itself that would make it a lot more interesting to play... For example I removed the save game from the start menu "Character screen" I also activated the in game anywhere load function. I'm currently working on a checkpoint system that would allow you to respawn(At the start of the level with every item or action you took back to before you took/moved it) instead of having to start at the last save point.

RPGXP is a lot better than VX because of the almost limitless programming ability.
That is all.

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nakina Author

yeah i was bored and i don't have rpg maker xp so this is the product of those 2 factorss :)

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somehow oddly love the concept of this game...

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