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TJG is a short Mystlike gameplay Adventure game. It relates the rejection of acceptance of the death of the hero's wife and son. This hero is faced with a reality which he refuses, despite the messages he receives, remaining convinced that his wife will return soon. This game was made in very simplistic handmade sketches. It's not as long, detailed, and comprehensive as originally intended, but still offers an intriguing experience. I'll probably will come back to this project later to achieve some planned puzzles and the different endings. Created in less than 14 days by one person #madewithfusion, TGJ is a slow game, all smooth and bitter. It does not require intense moments of reflection, but can take on a certain challenge. Hope you'll enjoy it. This game is entirely made for the left mouse clic. Except the "Esc" keyboard key that makes quit immediatly the game. So you're warned : if you press "esc", the game will quit without any question.

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