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Hello! tsubasa soft. is Lino (luizgustavolino) and Lumi (lumimae) and we make games! :D

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Redo is a time travel adventure, with pixel art graphics and chiptune soundtrack!

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Latest tweets from @tsubasasoft

RT @lumimae: Neko-chan's Quest for Pizza preview! #SPjam T.co

Sep 2 2014

RT @spgamejam: Jogo Neko-chan quest for pizza o/ Equipe Tsubasa T.co

Aug 31 2014

We're a bit late but here is our #GGJ14 report: Tsubasa.com.br

Jan 28 2014

Our #GGJ14 game is about "who's that pokémooon???" /o/ T.co

Jan 25 2014

We've made a small infographic with statistics of our blog's 1st year Tsubasa.com.br Also, thx everyone!

Jun 9 2013

After a small hiatus, we have a new post on the blog with news about Redo's platform change: Tsubasa.com.br

Jan 14 2013

RT @lumimae: Bit.ly Purple Fingers, @heloheu's #LD48 game about a naughty little devil that curses the land of not so naughty little devils

Dec 18 2012

Ouyaforum.com ( @OUYAForum_com ) seems to be a great place to chat with gamedevs! We just post about Redo there Ouyaforum.com

Dec 17 2012

Gameplay video of #myouyagame: Bit.ly Redo is our time travel adventure game :D RT plz? We’d love to get a @playouya devkit!

Dec 16 2012