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Sweaty Chair Studio brings creative games to the world! We are an indie mobile game developer with a group of passionate people located in Sydney, Australia. It is founded in 2013 with the vision to create awesome games that differentiated from the market and bring the fun of mobile games to the next level. We came from a variety of backgrounds, such as game design, web development, and digital media.

We also love to actively participate in the gaming community and joined multiple Global Game Jam events. A various of our games are actually developed from there. You may know us by our biggest title No Humanity, or the gorgeous Projection, or any other casual games we made.

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No Humanity

No Humanity


CAN YOU LAST 15 SECONDS? * IGN Nominated Best Aussie/NZ game 2015 * * #1 Winner of Global Gamejam best game 2015 * * #1 Winner of Global Gamejam best...

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