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We are Stolen Couch Games, a young and fresh studio located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Our first commercial release is Kids vs Goblins, which recently went live on the Apple Appstore. We have a diverse, completely in-house skillset and we are capable of making high quality 3D games using the Unity engine. Every member of the team is educated in game design and combines this with a practical skill such as 2D Art, 3D Art or programming. Our primary focus is on making high quality entertainment games for mobile devices, although working with Unity gives us the flexibility to port to platforms such as Steam and Flash. Our short term plan includes making bite sized games for the mobile market and social platforms such as Facebook. Our first project to showcase this is Ichi, a simple pick-up-and-play puzzle game which we will self-publish. Ichi users can create and share their own levels with a user friendly interface.

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