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A developer and publisher of puzzle games including Repulsanoid.

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Repulsanoid is a unique but simple 3D Puzzle game, that features a one-of-a-kind control method and provides a wide variety of challenges based around...

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Latest tweets from @star_slash

Repulsanoid is #OnSale 70% off on #Steam for two weeks! Store.steampowered.com

Mar 22 2017

Today marks exactly 1 year since we first decided to start making games! To celebrate, Repulsanoid is 70% off at: Indiegala.com

Feb 21 2017

Repulsanoid is now availiable on #IndieGalaStore, and it's 50% off! #indiegame #Sales T.co

Jan 31 2017

It's so heartwarming to suddenly see a glowing review for your game... thank you. Steamcommunity.com #indie #review #steam #feelgood

Jan 26 2017

We've added a set of 9 #SteamTradingCards to Repulsanoid! Hope you enjoy collecting and trading these! T.co

Jan 23 2017

Took us a little longer than anticipated, but Repulsanoid 1.0 is live! We hope you'll enjoy our game. #indiegameT.co

Jan 17 2017

Repulsanoid now features a total of 50 stages, and has a planned release date of January 15th. Happy New Year, ever… T.co

Dec 30 2016

More stages and fixes out for Repulsanoid! We plan to roll out future updates faster, too. #repulsanoid #indieT.co

Dec 14 2016

We've rolled out some new stages and a number of bug fixes along with them! 1.0 release may not be too far away.… T.co

Nov 16 2016