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A small indie studio with big dreams and good intentions. As a group of college grads that enjoyed working together, Salvadora Studios began soon after their graduation. With ideas and designs at hand, they decided to take the risky route of starting up on their own, rather than disappearing into the corporate AAA studios. As a proudly independent studio, they plan on making a difference in the gaming industry by setting an example. Working with a profit-sharing and merit-based approach is just one step towards their final goals.

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The Floor Is Made of Lava

The Floor Is Made of Lava


In The Floor Is Made of Lava, Jimmy must use his imagination against itself in order to save his brother, or else lose him to the darkness. As Jimmy ventures...

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Still alive and still at #eglx ! Have you tried Plasma mode in our latest demo's options? Goodbye checkpoints, hell… T.co

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Been a while since we used this thing. Best start that up again... Lava will be at #EGLX again starting tomorrow! W… T.co

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Our April 2018 #Newsletter! Mailchi.mp This edition reveals... Our secret background project... Or one… T.co

Apr 24 2018

One of the mini action-escape scenes in Lava (some behind-the-scenes footage :P): #WIPWed #indiedev #gamedev

Apr 11 2018

Feb 2018 Newsletter: Mailchi.mp All about work and Krakens and fire. Normal stuff.

Mar 26 2018

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