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An independent game design studio. Creators of Lacuna Passage.

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No games, mods, engines, software or hardware appear to be published or in development by Random Seed Games. We suggest you add games, mods, engines and hardware you are developing here (or update existing games, mods, engines and hardware on the site which should be linked with this Developer).

If this profile is not used to publish or develop games, mods, engines, software or hardware we recommend you contact us and we will move it to the groups section and this page will display a blog instead.

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Latest tweets from @randomseedgames

RT @LIMYN_game: Messing around with background art styles today... #indiedev #gamedev #illustration T.co

Sep 9 2021

RT @LIMYN_game: Been working on the color palette generator this weekend. Really happy with the results. The colors won't actually… T.co

Aug 29 2021

RT @LIMYN_game: Finally getting around to some early level layouts T.co

Jun 22 2021

RT @tylerowen: LIMYN Game Dev Hangout Twitch.tv

May 26 2021

Just received a new track from our composer, @clarkaboud. Tonight we are testing it out. #gamedevelopmentT.co

Apr 6 2021

RT @LIMYN_game: The last year of development has been a lot of experimentation with music and movement mechanics. Here's a little t… T.co

Apr 4 2021

RT @LIMYN_game: Today @randomseedgames begins sharing development progress of their new music-generating puzzle/action game called… T.co

Mar 31 2021

Looking for a game animator with experience in 2D/Vector animation. Working on a casual puzzle/rhythm game built wi… T.co

Mar 10 2021

RT @jasonschreier: Some fun facts: - This is 3x what Microsoft paid for Minecraft/Mojang - Bethesda and Obsidian are now sister studio… T.co

Sep 21 2020

RT @tylerowen: Had a lot of fun working on this entry for the #GMTK2020 game jam. SCREAMBALL X70x.itch.io

Jul 12 2020