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This is Phirez Studios, a mostly one-person developer of video games. "Survival City" - a rogue-like strategy game set in a zombie apocalypse is currently in development as a first release.

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Survival City

Survival City


Survival City is a strategy-simulation roguelike game for PC set in a zombie apocalypse. Players must lead their survivors to safety while managing their...

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Latest posts from @phirezstudios

After some holiday celebrating and a short trip to Japan, it's back to work for Survival City! This upcoming patch… T.co

Jan 4 2019

Check out this Let's Play of Survival City by @YKYMisterFalcon! Youtube.com #indiegames #roguelike

Nov 22 2018

Patch a1.12 is now out for Survival City! Check out the new attack speed on weapons, or fight Sniffles, the second… T.co

Oct 1 2018

Adding attack speed stats to all the weapons I already designed is pretty monotonous... I think the overall improve… T.co

Sep 11 2018

Considering adding attack speed as another stat on weapons. This would mostly be to balance firearms. As it stands… T.co

Sep 10 2018

Working on designing the Tier 2 zombie boss. The bosses will be more mutated/abnormal than the other zombies in the… T.co

Sep 5 2018

Patch 1.11 is now out for Survival City! Come check out the new status conditions that have been added or battle th… T.co

Aug 30 2018

Today is the reveal for the first boss zombie in Survival City. Meet "Gains Goblin," a former weight lifter who's s… T.co

Aug 24 2018

The next patch for Survival City will also see the placeholder art replaced for the Tier 1 boss. Here's a sneak pea… T.co

Aug 23 2018

Patch 1.11 of Survival City is coming up and this time I'll be adding some new status conditions! Wounded Arm - Dec… T.co

Aug 21 2018